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Six Questions That Start Startups

This is a repost from my article on Medium. I collect heuristics: processes that enable problem solving, learning, or discovery. One of my favorite collections is what I call “Questions that Start Startups.” It’s a set of patterns designed to help to overcome schlep blindness and see opportunities to change the world. Here are a […]

Everyone Can Learn Angel Investing Using Kiva

“How do you get started in angel investing?” I’m often asked this question by friends who want to invest in startups. My default answer is “Don’t do it.” Angel investing can be fun, but being successful requires time, effort and learning. Most startups fail, and returns follow a power law distribution making access to deal flow critical. […]

Economic Mobility

“Started from the bottom now we here. Started from the bottom now the whole team f’n here.” Drake – Started From The Bottom Josh and I are sitting in a rooftop lounge overlooking Hong Kong Island. We’re joined by a friend who recently moved to the country. He’s a former Goldman Sachs investment banker now […]

How to Get Hired By a Hot Startup – Value

Applying to a startup is completely different than applying to a large company. You’ve probably keyword-stuffed your resume to get through the HR screening. At a startup, everything is about value. 1. Understand Your Value Proposition At it’s most basic, a value proposition is the benefit (or value) someone gets from something they pay for. […]

Adam McNamara