Our Sophomore Year As Entrepreneurs

September 30th was Select Start’s second full year as a business.  Speaking for myself, Josh, and Tariq, it has been the most stressful but rewarding thing we’ve ever experienced.

In October of 2010, we had just convinced (duped?) our fifth employee to join the family.  Revenues were modest and runway was always an issue.  We occasionally got very creative with distributing founder salaries to make sure our team was looked after first.  We were finding our DNA as a company and our capabilities as individuals.

This year has been incredible.  It’s one that we’ll never forget, both personally and professionally.

  1. We’ve grown from five to 19 of the hungriest, smartest, and most talented people in the business.
  2. Our revenue is up 575%.
  3. Our profit is up a staggering 1025%.
  4. We’ve had the opportunity work with (unannounced) A-list companies.

To everyone who we’ve had stressed-out, candid, off-the-record conversations with: thank you for telling us to keep our heads down.

To our clients: thank you for trusting our engineers and designers like they were your own.

And to our engineers and designers: you are exceptional at what you do, and together you are unstoppable.