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Six Questions That Start Startups

This is a repost from my article on Medium. I collect heuristics: processes that enable problem solving, learning, or discovery. One of my favorite collections is what I call “Questions that Start Startups.” It’s a set of patterns designed to help to overcome schlep blindness and see opportunities to change the world. Here are a […]

Vesting: Thinking Short vs Long Term

Conventional wisdom says that it’s in the company’s best interest to vest/defer the proceeds of an acquisition. It keeps the person incentivized to work on the company’s problems as the person unlocks their value over time.  The vesting schedule is usually 1-3 years, with payments being made monthly, quarterly, or sometimes annually. Companies spend too […]

How to Get Hired By a Hot Startup – Value

Applying to a startup is completely different than applying to a large company. You’ve probably keyword-stuffed your resume to get through the HR screening. At a startup, everything is about value. 1. Understand Your Value Proposition At it’s most basic, a value proposition is the benefit (or value) someone gets from something they pay for. […]

Adam McNamara